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Geochemistry and Geology

Measurement of Digital Elevation Model of the Mars Planet Using a Descent Camera Oct. '94 M. Pausader, B. Rouge, P. Julien, S. Gras, F. Lecourt Bibliography
Investigation of Surface Properties by the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS) on Board of the Mars 96 Mission 1994 G. Arnold, H. Hirsch, V. Formisano, V. Moroz Bibliography
Testing a Mars Science Outpost In The Antarctic Dry Valleys 1992 D.T. Andersen, C.P. McKay, R.A. Wharton, and J.D. Rummel Word [28 K]
Atmospheric oscillations on Mars 1988 Allison, M. Bibliography
Mars Surface Radiation Exposure for Solar Maximum Conditions and 1989 Solar Proton Events Feb. '93 Lisa C. Simonsen and John E. Nealy Bibliography *


Exobiology Instrument Concepts for a Soviet Mars 94/96 Mission Feb. '89 D.L. DeVincenzi, J.R. Marshall, and D. Andersen Word [48 K]
An Exobiological Strategy for Mars Exploration Jan. '95 (see document) HTML page
Comparison of Two Perennially Ice-covered Lakes in Antarctica: Analogs of Past Martian Lacustrine Environments 1995 D.T. Andersen, P. Doran, D. Bolshiyanov, J. Rice, V. Galchenko, N. Cherych, R.A. Wharton, C.P. McKay, M. Meyer, V. Garshnek Word [20 K]
Turbulent atmospheric plumes above line sources with an application to volcanic fissure eruptions 1989 Stothers, R.B. Bibliography *

Manned Missions to Mars

Mars Human Exploration Science Strategy Aug. '89 C.R. Stoker, C.P. McKay, R.M Haberle, D.T.Andersen Word [68 K]
Main Environmental Hazards for Mars Missions Sep. '92 M. Romero, J. Bourrieau, J.C. Mandeville, A. Fernandez-Maillard. Bibliography
Mars Exploration Strategies: A reference Program and Comparison of Alternative Architectures Sep. '93 David B. Weaver, Michael B. Duke Bibliography
Study of a Manned Mars Landing Mission Using a Mars Orbit Rendezvous Profile Aug. '63 Dwain F. Spencer, Marshall E. Alper, Carol L. Funk Bibliography
Application of Commonalty Criteria to the Design of Lunar and Mars Equipment Sep. '93 W. H. Siegfried Bibliography
Biomedical Issues in the Exploration of Mars 1992 Charles E. Wade, Joan Vernikos Bibliography
Science Exploration Opportunities for Manned Missions to the Moon, Mars, Phobos, and an Asteroid Jun. '89 Douglas B. Nash, Jeffrey Plescia, Mark Cintala, Joel Leving, Paul Lowman, Rocco Mancinelli, Wedell Mendell, Carol Stoker, Steven Suess. Bibliography
The Challenge of Human Exploration Oct. '88 John Aaron Bibliography
A US. Perspective on the Human Exploration and Expansion on the Planet Mars Sep. '92 B.B. Roberts, J.F. Connolly Bibliography
The Space Exploration Initiative Oct. '91 Arnold D. Aldrich, Mark K. Craig, Douglas A. O'Handley Bibliography
Manned Missions to Mars: What Scenario for Europe? Sep. '92 Francis Theillier, Corinne Brison Bibliography
Space Station as a Long Duration Habitat n/a Douglas A. O'Handley Bibliography
Strategic Approach for Surface Systems and Operations for an International Mars Mission Oct. '93 Barney B. Roberts, Francis Theillier Bibliography
Human Pathway to the Solar System in the 21st Century Jul. '89 Douglas A. O'Handley Bibliography
Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Test Facilities Subpanel Final Report Apr. '93 George C. Allen, John W. Warren, John Martinell, John S. Clark, and David Perkins Bibliography
An Antarctic Base as a Model for Planetary Exploration 1990 D. T. Andersen, R.A. Wharton, Jr., J.D. Rummel Word [33 K]
Combined High and Low Thrust Propulsion for Fast Piloted Mars Missions Nov. '92 James H. Gilland, Steven R. Oleson Bibliography
Science Strategy for Human Exploration Of Mars 1990 C.R. Stoker, C.P. McKay, R.M. Haberle, and D.T. Andersen Word [68 K]
Aspects of Parking Orbit Selection in a Manned Mars Mission Dec. '92 Prasun N. Desai, Robert D. Braun and Richard W. Powell Bibliography *
Effects of Radiobiological Uncertainty on Vehicle and Habitat Shield Design for Missions to the Moon and Mars Aug. '93 John W. Wilson, John E. Nealy, Walter Schimmerling, Francis A. Cucinotta and James S. Wood Bibliography *
Nuclear Propulsion Technical Interchange Meeting Volume I 1993 n/a Bibliography
Solar Radiation on Mars: Stationary Photovoltaic Array Oct. '93 J. Appelbaum, I. Sherman and G. A. Landis Bibliography
Solar Radiation on Mars: Tracking Photovoltaic Array Sep. '94 Joseph Allelbaum, Dennis J. Flood, and Marcos Crutchik Bibliography
Interactions Between Spacecraft and Their Environments Jan. '93 Dr. Dale C. Ferguson Bibliography
Effect of Inert Propellant Injection on Mars Ascent Vehicle Performance Sep. '92 James E. Colvin and Geoffrey A. Landis Bibliography
Propulsion Systems Using In Situ Propellants for a Mars Ascent Vehicle Jul. '92 Mary F. Wadel and Elizabeth A. Roncace Bibliography
Power Requirements for the First Lunar Outpost (FLO) Jan. '93 Robert L. Cataldo and John M. Bozek Bibliography
Cost Estimating Relationships for Non-Nuclear Power and Dynamic Isotope Power Systems Nov. '93 Claus J. Meisl Bibliography
Mars Power System Concept Definition Study (Task Order No. 16) Volume 2 - Appendices Dec. '94 Franklin D. Littman Bibliography
An Analysis of Power Beaming for the Moon and Mars Aug. '92 Mark W. Stavnes Bibliography
Lunar and Martian Environmental Interactions With Nuclear Power System Radiators Aug. '92 Marla E. Perez-Davis, James R. Gaier, and Cynthia M. Katzan Bibliography
Photovoltaic Array for Martian Surface Power Aug. '92 J. Appelbaum and G. A. Landis Bibliography
A Photovoltaic Catenary-Tent Array for the Martian Surface May '93 Anthony J. Colozza, J. Appelbaum, and M. Crutchik Bibliography
Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Transportation Systems for Lunar/Mars Exploration Sep. '92 John S. Clark, Stanley K. Borowski, Melvin C. McIlwain, and Dennis G. Pellaccio Bibliography
Nuclear Electric Propulsion: A "Better, Safer, Cheaper" Transportation System for Human Exploration Mar. '94 John S. Clark, Jeffrey A. George, Leon P. Gefert, Michael P. Doherty, and Robert J. Sefcik Bibliography
"Fast Track" NTR Systems Assessment for NASA's First Lunar Outpost Scenario Oct. '94 Stanley K. Borowski and Stephen W. Alexander Bibliography

Rover/Lander Missions

Solar Radiation on a Catenary Collector Jul. '92 M. Crutchik, J. Appelbaum Bibliography
Mars Rover Mission Rover Candidate Design and Technology Demonstrations Oct. '94 T. Blais, F. Faye, E. Zeis, Kremnev, Eremendo, Pichkhadze Bibliography
An Update on the Mars '94 and Mars '96 Missions Sep. '93 G. Rogovsky, A. Polyakov Bibliography
Mars Surface Exploration: The European Mission Marsnet Oct. '93 F. Giovagnoli, G.E.N Scoon Bibliography
Robotics and Automation in Mars Exploration Jan. '92 R. Bourke, F. Sturms, M. Golombek, R. Terry Gamber Bibliography
Mars Rover Sample Return Mission Utilizing In Situ Production of the Return Propellants Jun. '93 AP. Bruckner, L. Nill, H. Schubert, B. Thill, R. Warwick Bibliography
ISRU Approaches to Mars Sample Return Missions Sep. '93 Thomas A. Sullivan Bibliography
Biological Contamination of Mars: Issues and Recommendations 1992 Kenneth H. Nealson, John Baross, Michael Carr, Robert Pepin, Thomas Schmidt, Jodi Shann, J. Robie Vestal, David White, Richard Young Bibliography
The Mars Environmental Survey (MESUR) Network and Pathfinder Missions Sep. '93 John B. McNamee, Richard A. Cook Bibliography
Low Cost Approach to Mars Pathfinder Oct. '94 Anthony J. Spear Bibliography
Status of the Mars 96 Aerostat Development Oct. '93 C. Tarrieu Bibliography
The Russian Mars - 94 Stations and Contributions to the Intermars Project Oct. '93 R.S. Kremnev, G.N. Rogovski, B.N. Martynov, O.V. Papkov, V.A. Vorontsov, A.E. Eremenko Bibliography
MESUR Pathfinder: Steps Toward US. Return to the Surface of Mars Oct. '93 Roger D. Bourke, Richard A. Cook, Brian K. Muirhead, John B. McNamee, Matthew P. Golombek and Anthony J. Spear. Bibliography
Planetary Protection Issues for the MESUR Mission: Probability of Growth (Pg) Jun. '91 Harold P. Klein Bibliography
MESUR and its Role in an Evolutionary Mars Exploration Program Sep. '92 Roger D. Bourke, Matthew P. Golombek, Anthony J. Spear, Francis M. Sturms. Bibliography
NASA's Progress in Nuclear Electric Propulsion Technology Jun. '93 James R. Stone, Michael P. Doherty and Keith M. Peecook Bibliography
Electrical and Chemical Interactions at Mars Workshop Part I-Final Report 1992 n/a Bibliography
Electrical and Chemical Interactions at Mars Workshop Part II-Appendix 1992 n/a Bibliography
Benefits of In Situ Propellant Utilization for a Mars Sample Return Mission Jun. '93 Mary F. Wadel Bibliography
NASA's Nuclear Electric Propulsion Technology Project Jul. '92 James R. Stone and James S. Sovey Bibliography
NEP Early Flight Program: System Performance and Development Considerations Dec. '93 Michael P. Doherty and Jeffrey A. George Bibliography

Orbiter Missions

Effects of Sonic Line Transition on Aerothermodynamics of the Mars Pathfinder Probe Jun. '95 Peter A. Gnoffo, K. James Weilmuenster, Robert D. Braun and Christopher I. Cruz Bibliography *
The Mars Aerial Platform Mission Oct. '93 Robert M. Zubrin, Steve Price, Terry Gamber, Ben Clark, Jim Cantrell Bibliography
The Mars Observer Chronicles Dec. '92 Noel McCormack Bibliography
Mars Observer as a Precursor to Intensive Exploration of Mars Oct. '91 G.E. Cunningham, T.E. Thorpe, A.L. Albee Bibliography
Mars Balloon Simulator 1991 A. Vargas, C. Tarrieu, J. P. Lepage, P. Mauoy, C. Sirmain Bibliography
Mars Observer Mission Status and Orbit Insertion Phase Planning Oct. '93 S.R. Dodd, R. B. Roncoli Bibliography
The Guiderope for the Soviet-French Mars 96 Balloon Mission Sep. '92 H. Laplace, C. Tarrieu, J. Cantrell, B. Shurmeier. Bibliography
Planet-B: Japanese Mars Mission Oct. '93 I. Nakatani, K. Tsuruda, J. Kawaguchi and T. Yamamoto Bibliography
A New Era in Mars Exploration Dec. '92 Wes Huntress Bibliography
IAA Cosmic Studies Oct. '93 IAA Committee on International Space Plans and Policies Bibliography

Miscelaneous Documents

Antarctic Adventure Spring '93 Linda Billings Word [18 K]
Planetary Protection Issues and Future Mars Missions Mar. '90 D. L. Devincenzi, H. P. Klein, J. R. Bagby Bibliography
Mission to Mars: Report of the mars Exploration Study Team Jul. '89 A. F. Chicarro, G. E. N. Scoon, M. Coradini Bibliography
Exploration Studies Technical Report, Volume 0: Journey into Tomorrow 1989 Office of Exploration Bibliography
The Lunar Resource Base - Stepping Stone to Mars Sep. '92 Ed Repic, Phil Richter, Claude Roy Bibliography
Low Mass Mars Exploration Sep. '92 Benton C. Clark, Lyman J. Petrosky Bibliography
Coupled Radiation Effects in Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Shock-Captu ring Flowfield Calculations 1994 Lin C. Hartung, Robert A Mitcheltree and Peter A. Gnoffo Bibliography*
The Interaction of High Voltage Systems with the Environments of the Moon and Mars Jan. '93 G. Barry Hillard and Joseph C. Kolecki Bibliography
The Experiments HRSC and WAOSS on the Russian Mars 94/96 Missions 1994 G. Neukum, U. Carsenty, K, Eichentopf, H. Hoffmann, R. Jaumann, J. Oberst, R. Pischel, G. Schwarz
System Model Development for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Sep. '92 James T. Walton, Nelson A. Hannan, Ken R. Perkins, John H. Buksa, Brian A. Worley, and Dean Dobranich Bibliography
An International Mars Exploration Program: Exploring Mars into the 21st Century Oct. '94 Louis D. Friedman, Bruce C. Murray, Carl Sagan Bibliography

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